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Photography, food styling and art direction



I was graduated in photography at Barcelona, where I worked as a professional press photographer for 12 years, contributing to some of the most respected newspapers and communication agencies of Spain.

Eight years ago I decided to change my career after getting interested into food photography. I began working as a freelance photographer and food stylist.

Among many contributions for different magazines and food brands, I have released 17 cookbooks, my true passion.

My obsession for light, styling and the intention to recreate experiences that are lived around a table are the reasons why I continue being happy every day in my work. 


The studio is located in Barcelona and we make works of food and product photography, food stylist and art direction.

If the production needs it, we can form a team with external collaborators in the area of kitchen, styling, attrezist, retouching and design studios.

Finally, these last two years, I have joined forces with the photographer ALBERTO POLO.


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